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3/7/02 Terri Welles - Playboy Playmate December 1980 PMOY 1981
Overall rating: 4 (spreads and penetration with toys and objects-the real deal here, no faking) Terri Welles offers a site with great promise. Her galleries, while not as many as some, show a older PM who has aged well and in doing so decided that nasty is better. There are galleries upon galleries with spreads and toy shots, as well as more stylized posed photos. Most of the recent material appears to have been photographed by an amateur. Terrible lighting and red eye throughout, diminishing the sites overall appeal. For the true TW fan though, this place offers the nastier side of your favorite ex flight attendent, former PMOY. At $20 per month you better be patient for updates, however and satisfied with minimal content.
3/7/02 Anna-Marie Goddard - Playboy Playmate January 1994
Overal rating: 2 (spread legs, which may include more explicit shots of the models nether region, but not too intimate) Anna Marie Goddard's site is overall one of the best for my money. It may not qualify as a bonafied rogue site, however many a gallery offers more than just a casual glimpse of areas not seen before (well at least not since a photo appeared on the x-mates site...now removed). Anna Marie is quite a beautiful woman and her attitude towards the site seems genuine. She appears more willing to continue to push the boundries, with newer sets showing clear spreads. The updates are regular and plentiful and the quality of the photos constantly improving. The site will set you back approx $15 per month, which for this reviewer is a bargain compared to others.
3/7/02 Victoria Zdrok - Playboy Playmate March 1995
Overall rating: 4 (includes penetration with toys and objects, spread shots and close up views. Its the real deal, no faking here) Planet Victoria is the standard that all other Playmate sites are being judged by. She offers a tremendous variety, including softer more artistic photos to down right nasty. She appears to enjoy what she is doing and is not bashful in her approach...Victoria is in your face and you will love it! She also offers some of the most explicit content of other Playmates, posing with Victoria and doing more than you might expect. Check out one of her regular web cam chats, they tend to get a little sticky and nasty...she loves to interact with her members). The site is a little pricey, approx $20/month but well worth it!
3/7/02 Stacy Sanches - Playboy Playmate March 1995 PMOY 1996
Overall rating: 2 (Spread legs, which may include more explicit shots of the models nether region, but nothing too intimate) Specifically- Stacy Sanches' site is overall well done, the galleries varied and plentiful. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that Ms Sanches has started to push the envelope, offering views of her that never made the pages of Playboy. This site includes galleries and videos, sex fantasies, guest galleries, etc (more of the standard stuff), but the star attraction, Stacy offers the member a side of her never seen before...she's getting a little naughty. Membership will set you back approx $15 per month, however it seems well worth the investment as long as she stays the course.
* Rogue Reviewer - Celebrity Expert
Long time Playboy Playmate and celebrity fan and admirer. These columns are written for your enjoyment and to help you make an informed decision on which sites you might wish to visit and buy a membership for.

(Disclaimer: The views of the reviewer do not necessarily represent the viewpoint of Celeb-O-Rama management or ownership)

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