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Dear Playboy Playmate!

We are hoping you found this page through the link we have set up on the domain name matching your name. We want to work with you and get the domain name under your control. We have "saved” the domain name for you.

We began by working with Playboy Playmates at autograph conventions in 1998 and had our first Playmate shoot in 1999. Since we also do web hosting, we began offering free or low cost alternatives to the Playboy Playmates we were working with and some became long term clients.

We found when trying to connect with other Playmates, that their domain names had been bought by someone and was using them for XXX porn sites, anti-abortion (complete with fetuses), and other things worse if you can imagine. I began searching for the domain names of Playmates I had met and took candids of and then realized that the new Playmates also had the same problem as the previous Playmates so we began "saving” as many domain names as we could. In many cases Playboy bought the domain names which was a smart move. In other cases the domain names happened to be owned by someone else with the same name, but many times the domain names were available for anyone to buy since the Playmate or Playmate to be had not bought them yet.

We always attempt to reach the Playmates through MySpace, Facebook, and other public sources. In some cases we are able to connect and work with the Playmate, in other cases we can't find them, and it is those that we have written this for.

We have saved the domain by making it a make shift fan site and have been hoping to connect with the Playmate to develop the site the way she would like, or to transfer the domain name to her at no charge for her use as she pleases.

If you believe we have the domain name in your name, please email us at the email address below. Thanks!

webmaster at celeboarama dot com
Something to fill the space with
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